Plein air sketching at a New England farm

This summer I have the opportunity to paint and sketch at a local working farm estate with a lot of history.

There are many views and subjects including very distant hills and tree lines. Being up high is a benefit in this hot, muggy summer as there is always a breeze, and the many large trees make it possible to relax and focus while sitting in the shade.

My goal with these sketches is to get the feel of the place, explore the different themes and locations. There is a lot of texture on a farm that is interesting to explore with a calligraphic style using markers and dry brush.

Fence posts, wires, pasture grasses, horse and cattle tails swishing the flies away, many types of trees, broken bare branches of aging trees, aged barn board, clumps of earth. The distant hills and trees are opportunities to capture atmosphere with greys, blues and violets.

In several I have experimented with new color combinations, including a new favorite - carbozole violet and yellow ochre. The ochre pushes the violet pigment aside and creates interesting effects.

Here is work I have done so far.